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The Technology of Success Client List...

CNN, American Express, Digital Equipment, Kimberly-Clark, Ryder System, Florida Power & Light, Dow Chemical, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Allure Magazine CondeNast, The Miami Herald, Levitz Furniture, Coopers & Lybrand, The Upjohn Company, Arthur Andersen, InterAmerican Mayors Conference, US Foreign Trade Institute, Women in Leadership in China, Texas Early Childhood Intervention, City of Miami, Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables Police Department, Idaho Education Association, Florida Department of Education, Communities in Schools, Informed Families, Red Ribbon Campaign, Take Stock In Children, Philadelphia 911 Survivors Group, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Barry University School of Business, University of Richmond Jepson School of Leadership Studies, Seaside Community Development Corporation,Boise State University Center for Management Development, University of Miami, Nova University, Florida International University, Ponce de Leon Middle School, Waldorf and Independent Private Schools Association, Princeton Montessori Teacher Training Center, Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, Florida Department of Education, National Association of Independent Schools, WIC Employee Enrichment Conference, Colas International Haiti, eWomen Network International Conference, Landry and Kling, Celebrity Cruise Line. Comtread, Bookigee, GlaxoSmithKline, Rouse, British Airways, New York Transit Authority, Turner Broadcasting Asia, Massey-Ferguson, Jefferson Pilot, Nassau Marriott Resort, NCCI, Florida Atlantic University. J. C. Penny, Fortunoff, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Pye TV UK, BMW Republic of South Africa (RSA), Lane Bryant, Chrysler, Mazda, Montgomery Ward, Selfridges UK, Hertie-Germany, Scandinavian Design, Edgars RSA, Myer Australia, Norman Hilton Clothing, John Deere Germany, The Wool Board RSA, Nakamichi, Fingers, Mayors Jewelers, Lane Bryant, Searle Optical, NHFA, Barney’s, Macy’s, Lebhar-Friedman, Peter Dominic UK, Plate Glass RSA, Hawker Pacific Australia, International Distillers & Vinters UK, Tack Training UK, Institute of Personnel Management RSA, ASTD, FMI, Broward County Government, Quicksilver Hong Kong, ICBC International China

The Technology of Success
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Technology of Success Books
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The Technology of Success... 10 Success Skills You, and Your Organization, Must Use to Stay Profitable

If you're in business, then you've probably heard Susan Ford Collins speak, attended one of her corporate training programs, or read one of her success books.

As a young researcher at the National Institutes of Health, Susan had an idea that kept her awake at night. What more could we learn if we studied Highly Successful People (HSPs) not just ill and dysfunctional ones? Are HSPs using skills the rest of us are missing, or misusing? If so, what are these skills and how can we teach them? Susan proposed her idea at one of their prestigious weekly conferences but, instead of being excited, her colleagues all laughed. Undaunted, she silently vowed to make this research her life mission. And she has.

Susan Ford Collins, Founder

"Susan spent two decades studying successful people. Now she shares with others what she has learned about management and leadership." — Lou Dobbs CNN

In 1983, Susan met Richard Israel who immediately recognized the importance of the skill set she had discovered. Ten years before in South Africa, Richard had launched The ABC of Selling which rapidly became a global operation and advanced the careers of hundreds of thousands of salespeople. Richard knew he was the perfect person to help Susan translate her skill set into a full-fledged training program. Together they began creating and testing formats and manuals and facilitated the first Technology of Success trainings for Coopers and Lybrand, IBM and Levitz Furniture. 

Since 1985, Susan has been teaching The Technology of Success in major corporations, universities and organizations across the country. When all 10 Success Skills are used correctly, individual and team productivity, collaboration and creativity rises to the next level. And profitability rises with it. This powerful leadership and career advancement program has been used by American Express, Ryder System, Digital Equipment, Florida Power & Light and CNN. See Client List to the right.

"At CNN we have a steady stream of the world’s best consultants coming through. Most produce excitement but after only a few months things slip back to normal. But now, six months after Susan Ford Collins taught my staff her success skills, I am continuing to see improvement."— Lou Dobbs, President, CNNfn, Host of Moneyline and Business Unusual

The Technology of Success skill set is essential for start ups. It is equally essential when companies are vying in our competitive global marketplace, when creativity and innovation are required to advance. These 10 Success Skills empower team members to move ahead together, instead of forcing one or more to leave and take their ideas and expertise, and your ideas and expertise, on to a competitor. Knowledge-base losses are far more expensive and time-consuming than providing 10 Success Skills training for your team.

"I learned more from Susan in a matter of hours than from all the management, leadership and team-building trainings I’ve taken in 18 years. And it works in my personal life too."  — Carl J. Flood, VP Worldwide Management, American Express

How can you and your organization learn how and when to use all 10 Success Skills?

*** The Technology of Success Training Programs:  5-day, 2-day and 1-day programs for sales, customer service and management teams are available. In addition there is a 3-month leadership training program for owners and executives. For more information, call 305-892-2702.

*** One-to-One Coaching: Executive coaching, career development and personal issue coaching is available by phone and in person. To schedule an appointment, call 305-892-2702. Susan’s clients call and fly to Miami from all over the world. Together you will clarify precisely what you want to accomplish, uncover issues and barriers, and develop a clear plan of action and follow through.

*** Talks and Public Seminars: To learn more about having Susan give a keynote speech at your conference or facilitate a workshop for your organization or community, call 305-892-2702.


For years, excited seminar participants begged Susan to write books so they could share what they learned with spouses and children, teachers and co-workers. And that's just what she's done. 




Book One... Susan's classic

The Joy of Success: 10 Essential Skills

For Getting the Success YOU Want


*** Highly Successful People  (HSPs) use 10 Success Skills consistently. The Joy of Success
teaches you
when and how to use all 10 Success Skills to create the life you dream. ***

"I have been reading books on success for over 30 years. This is one of the most sophisticated and useful ones I have ever read. I highly recommend it." — Jack Canfield, coauthor Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"These are the life skills that make us successful leaders." — Susan Morris, VP Human Resources, American Express

"In my 21 years in the fire department, I have taken the lieutenant's test eight times and not scored high enough to be promoted. I decided to read your book before attempting it again. I practiced your Success Skills and last month I took the exam and placed tenth out of 275 firemen. Before your book I felt this couldn't be done. — Vernon Oster, Fire Department, Metropolitan Dade County

“Finally, a book about success written by a woman who has also raised children! Thank you Susan, for illuminating a path to success that includes all of our potential—body, mind, and spirit.” — Christiane Northrup, M.D., author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

"The Joy of Cooking and The Joy of Sex— now there’s another classic. The Joy of Success reveals essential recipes for success in love and work." — Teresa Lee Baker, journalist and psychotherapist


In 2004 Susan Ford Collins and Richard Israel team up again

After working on opposite sides of the ocean for almost 20 years, Susan Ford Collins and Richard Israel found themselves speaking together at the MegaSuccess Conference in Miami. Over dinner afterward, they began telling each other stories about costly business problems they were seeing consistently nationally and internationally, and how one of the 10 Success Skills, Shifting Gears, would make these companies and leaders far more effective, efficient and creative. More profitable, more easily. A month later, Susan and Richard started writing Success Has Gears: Are you, and your organization, using the right gear at the right time?

Book Two...

 Success Has Gears:
Using the Right Gear At the Right Time
in Business and Life

*** Highly Successful People (HSPs) use 10 Success Skills consistently. Success Has Gears focuses on the second Success Skill, Shifting Gears. Whether you are growing a business or you're changing direction in your life, this skill is essential. ***

One of the most startling things Susan discovered was that “success and leadership have gears.” Yes, three gear-like phases, each of which requires you and your team to think, listen, speak and act differently.

The 1st Gear of Success is for learning new skills, techniques and technologies, for retooling and retraining. The 2nd Gear of Success is for producing and competing, meeting deadlines, exceeding quotas and striving to be on top. The 3rd Gear of Success is for creating and innovating, for sourcing new products, systems and services, and collaborating to bring them cost-effectively to the marketplace.

Here's all-important leadership information most people don't know. Learning it will give you, and your organization, a definitive advantage.

Each Success Gear has a matching Leadership Gear. To lead someone effectively in business and life, you must be able to recognize which Success Gear he or she is operating in, and shift into the corresponding Leadership Gear... thinking, listening, speaking and acting from that perspective yourself.

Like skillful drivers, outstanding individuals use “the right gear at the right time.” But today most organizations and their leaders are stuck in 2nd gear, pushing longer and harder to produce more-better-faster-cheaper. This overuse is leaving us stressed, out of balance and searching for meaning. It’s time to understand what you probably haven't known until now... Success Has Gears and there is a time and place for each one.

"A book ALL present and future business executives should make required reading for ALL their department heads."— George A. Naddaff, Founder Boston Market 

“When you start a company, such as a software company, you need to shift gears from the day you come up with the idea until the day you sell the company. And the best employees are those who learn to shift gears with you.” — Marty Schultz, Founder, CEO p2pLog; Co-Founder, President, CTO eSped and Omtool Ltd.

"Like most serial entrepreneurs, I've shifted gears more times than the lead driver in the Indianapolis 500. But it took Success Has Gears to create the map that shows business leaders not just why they need to shift but how and when to do it." — Seth Werner, President, Levitt Capital Corporation

“Three-Gear Leadership is the jet fuel that can propel your organization to the next level of sustainable growth.” — Anita Brick, Director MBA Career Advancement, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Book Three...

Our Children Are Watching:
10 Skills for Leading the Next Generation to Success


*** Highly Successful People (HSPs) use 10 Success Skills consistently. Our Children Are Watching teaches you all 10 Success Skills and when and how to use them as you parent, manage and teach. ***

"I read hundreds of books every year and I can count on one hand how many books I have ever read that hold the potential to transform lives as deeply as this book does. Without any hesitation, I give Our Children Are Watching my absolute HIGHEST recommendation. Whether you read it for yourself or for your children, it has the power to change your life forever, if you are willing." — Patti Pitcher, reviewer, Chinaberry Book Service

“Susan would stand in front of a room full of business executives, ready to dispense advice on how to be a more effective leader. And what would the high-powered people in suits want to talk about? Parenting. Collins says parents are the first and most important leaders of all!” — South Florida Parenting Magazine

"It's not only a book....but the model for raising healthy happy successful children! — Deborah Spiegelman, CEO Miami Children's Museum


Book Four...

The Miracle Diet:
Lose Weight, Gain Health... 10 Diet Skills

*** Highly Successful People (HSPs) use 10 Success Skills consistently.
The Miracle Diet focuses
on how these skills apply to dieting and health. ***

In 2012, Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn asked Susan to help answer the question everyone was asking him, "Why were you able to lose weight... and keep it off... when the rest of us try and fail over and over?" This family man and busy rabbi lost 100 pounds and transformed his body even though he was constantly being offered buttery babkas and jam-filled hamantaschen... an occupational hazard for sure!

Here's the question: Had Celso, like the HSPs Susan studied, used all 10 Success Skills even though he didn't realize it? Yes, indeed he had! The Miracle Diet shares compelling stories about when and how Celso used each of these skills... so you can learn when and how to use each of them too. These skills work whether you want to lose weight, reshape your body or take your next career step.

The Miracle Diet provides "key ingredients" most diet books leave out: How your body works. What it needs to be healthy. What whole, fresh foods provide. What manufacturers add and take away. Why lack of sleep packs on pounds. How consistency can work against you... that was a shocker! Teenage obesity... what kids really eat at school and the movies! The Addictive Mix... sad to say, some popular foods are quite literally addictive, by design! And another surprise. Wheat can make you gain more weight than sugary sodas!"

An important truth: Diets fail not because dieters don't know what or how much to eat. Diets fail because dieters lack the skills they need to change habits... their habits, and their friends' and their family's. The skills you learn in The Miracle Diet will empower you to not only lose weight... but to keep it off long term, the way Celso did.


Managing Information Overload (MIO) is a powerful program that hundreds of corporations asked us to create. The Miami Herald was one of our first clients.

"To say you guys were a hit would be an understatement. When I returned to town, I asked my executive team, 'How did MIO go?' Twenty minutes later, I was feeling sorry for myself for missing it. So we invited you back to train me and our management team. I just saw the feedback. I could not agree more. It was a terrific course."Jesus Diaz, Publisher, The Miami Herald

"We all boosted our reading speed significantly, several of us almost doubling it. (I keep a chopstick on my desk now) The strategy for digesting reports and manuals to sort through information quickly has proved a great time saver." Rick Hirsch, The Miami Herald

"For two years, I have been working on a business model to reinvent the way the food business systematically creates innovative and commercially viable new products. Keeping the message simple and easy to grasp was a challenge. The Monday following your Friday MIO seminar, I had the final presentation for funding the second and final round of investment.  Over the weekend, I scrapped my long PowerPoint presentation, bought the Mind Mapping software online, and put the entire business on one page.  I then flew to California and used that one page as my only “prop” to describe the business to the investment decision makers. The story has a happy ending. We closed on $15 million in financing two weeks later, from strategic investors such as Nestle, Unilever, Bayer, ADM, AM Todd, and others. Clearly, your techniques represent a powerful tool not just for retaining information, but also for efficiently communicating complex concepts." Greg Horn, Founder Brand New Foods, former CEO General Nutrition Centers


Are you, and your organization, using ALL10 Success and Leadership Skills?
Email or call 305-892-2702 to learn more.