Susan Ford Collins works with founders and leaders, creators and innovators, startups and restarts. She supports business leaders in integrating their lives and careers, and making vital changesexpected and unexpected.

Susan maintains a busy Executive Coaching Practice, working with clients in person in Miami and worldwide by phone.

Susan Ford Collins is the founder and CEO of The Technology of Success, a training, consulting and coaching company that teaches the 10 skills she discovered Highly Successful People were using unconsciously but struggling to pass on, 10 skills that make leadership effective and fulfilling.

When individuals and teams learn how and when to use all 10 Success Skills, then productivity, creativity and collaboration rise to the next level. And profitability rises with it. 

Are you using all 10 Success Skills, at the right time? Are all the members of your team, at work and at home? 

Susan Ford Collins is the author of the Technology of Success Book Series which includes bestselling The Joy of Success, Success Has Gears, and Our Children Are Watchingthe book business leaders begged her to write so the next generation will be fully prepared to succeed and lead when they enter the workplace and world.

Susan has facilitated more than 3,000 training programs in major corporations, educational, and governmental organizations including:

I learned more from Susan in a matter of hours than from all the management, leadership and team-building trainings I’ve taken in 18 years. And it works in my personal life too.
— Carl J. Flood, VP Worldwide Management, American Express
Susan Ford Collins is a people genius.
— Harriet Beinfield, coauthor, New York Times Bestseller Between Heaven and Earth