The Technology of Success Book Series

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Discover the ground-breaking books from Susan Ford Collins and The Technology of Success.

The Joy of Success teaches 10 vital Success Skills, based on Susan Ford Collins's two decades of research on the habits, behaviors, and mindsets of Highly Successful People. These are skills anyone can master and apply to transform their lives and the lives of those around them. These are the skills Susan teaches in major businesses and educational institutions around the world. And in her one-to-one Executive Coaching Sessions.

Are you missing, or misusing, any of these skills? How about the people around you, at work and at home? Are these books for them to read too?


While studying Highly Successful People, Susan Ford Collins discovered something all leaders need to know: Success and leadership have gearsthree gear-like phases that must be shifted up and down like gears in a car. 

Success Has Gears presents 20 case studies in which leaders and followers use the wrong gear at the wrong time... at great cost to themselves and their organizations. This book teaches you how to recognize when each gear is needed, and how to skillfully shift your thinking and behavior and your team's. Using the right Success and Leadership Gear—at the right time—will not only make you more effective and efficient but also more creative and innovative... more able to bring new ideas into reality and profitability.

Corporate clients begged Susan to write Our Children Are Watching for parents and teachers so our next generation will be ready to succeed and lead when they enter the workplace and world. So they will be prepared to confidently create and innovate.

Your children are watching! What are they learning... and not learning... from you about creating and living dreams? Your dreams? The most powerful way to prepare our next generation for success is to use these 10 skills ourselves... to model them day-by-day.


One of Susan’s uplifting messages is ‘leadership is like a relay—parents run the first leg, then hand the baton on to educators, businesses and government. We are all leaders whether we realize it or not. We must learn to share skills to build a future together—a future we want.’
— Communities in Schools: Helping Kids to Help Themselves

The Technology of Success Series: compact, concise and powerfulthe perfect toolbox for redefining success in today’s “always-on” world.