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About Business and Leadership...

FIU PowerUp Women's Leadership Summit 2017 April 20, 2017 keynote by Susan Ford Collins

Training Magazine: The Greatest Challenge Trainers and Leaders Face: Shifting Gears

American Management Association: Are You Sending Successful Employees to Competitors?

American Management AssociationWhy Do We Do What We’re Told Not to Do?

CEO MagazineBrain Tips That Will Make You A More Powerful CEO

Forbes/Leadership: Five Misconceptions Even Smart People Have About Success

Costco Connection: Success Steps: Are You Using All 10 Success Skills? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Caroline Dowd-Higgins interviews Susan Ford Collins: We're Stuck in a Success Crisis and It's Affecting Our Kids! (Audio)

Caroline Dowd-Higgins interviews Susan Ford Collins: Why Most People Can't Think Outside of the Box (Audio)

Thrive Magazine: 7 Things Highly Successful People Do You Might Not Be Doing

The Glass Hammer: Working hard? How is the teamwork at home?

McAlister & Payne Digital Magazine for 21st C Executives: 7 Things Highly Successful People Do That You Might Not Be Doing

Successful Meetings Magazine: How leadership is like driving a stick shift Gearing Up for Success

FIU PowerUp Women's Leadership Summit 2016: Talk: The 10 Success Skills,  and panel of top women leaders.  Intros start at 07:31, Susan vision 30:25 to 37:20, mentoring 52:38 to 54:37, passion 01:11:54 to 01:14:20 (Video)

Fayette Woman: 10 things highly successful people do

WorkingMomsAgainstGuilt: The Workplace Squeeze

Upstart Business JournalWhy Most People Can’t Think "Outside the Box" and text version Small Business Forum: 3 Books Small Business Owners Should Read 

In Business Magazine: We’re Stuck in a Success Crisis

BBC Capital: Returning to your first career isn't as hard as you'd think

Advancing WomenAre Your Instructions Creating Your Employees’ Problems?

National Parkinson Report Success, Hologramming and Health: New Approaches

Ft. Lauderdale Business News: Success Quiz: Are You Using All 10 Success Skills… At the Right Time?

The Stewardship Report: Ten Things Highly Successful People Do That You Might Not Be Doing

Sun Sentinel: Here's how workers can avoid being overwhelmed by information

WRNW1: Radio Interview with Bridget Grayson (Audio)

WRNW 2:  Radio Interview with Lisa Singer (Audio) 

Miami Culinary Institute: The Food for Success is Success starts at 6:17 (Video)

About Relationships, Parenting, and Families...

Kidzedge: Why Kids Today Don’t Want To Be Successful

Chaos and Kiddos: What is Success?

Detroit Mommies: The 10 Responsibilities of a Grandparent

Parent/Teacher Workshop at Miami Country Day School starts 17:53 (Video)

Ransom Everglades 10 Success Skills for Juniors and Seniors

Late Night Parents: Ted Hicks interviews Susan Ford Collins on Raising Successful Kids (Audio)

Motherhood Moment: Workplace Squeeze: Is There an App for That… Or Do We Need Something More?

Balance Magazine: Why Couples Argue

Modern Parents/Messy Kids: The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Help Your Kids Succeed

Motherhood Moment Parenting Pointers: What Colleges Really Want… in Essays, Apps and Interviews

Young Upstarts: We’re Stuck In A Success Crisis And It’s Affecting Our Kids

South Asian Woman Magazine: The Three Gears of a Relationship

Mommy’s Gone Shopping Again: Succeed & Success

Motherhood Moment: Book Nook: The Joy of Success

Dominique’s Desk: Review – The Joy of Success

Miami Herald: How to Motivate Kids and Prepare Them for Success

Any New Books? Review: The Joy of Success

Best Ever You: The Three Gears of a Relationship

Joyful Child Journal: Book Review Our Children Are Watching

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